Sponsors and Donors

Please sponsor our book 'eighteen point five'.The proceeds will go towards our self-publishing costs.

Your organisation will receive benefits including marketing in the book and website, and complimentary copies of the printed book.

Funding of $10,000 by July 24

Tally so far $8974
Funding of $8804 by 14 sponsors
Donations $170

The minimum cost is $200 and we have 4 levels of sponsorship. The sponsor who pledges the highest amount becomes our Platinum Sponsor. Our Gold Sponsors range from 2nd to 5th, Silver 6th to 15th, and Bronze are the remaining sponsors.

If you are not able to sponsor our book, please consider donating an amount under $200.

The table shows the 4 levels of sponsorship, and the benefits provided to each. Sponsorship Level	Platinum	Gold	Silver	Bronze. Sponsorships available	1	4	10	unlimited

Our Sponsorship FAQ provides more information. If you have additional questions, please contact the project managers.

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We thank our sponsors for their generous support for our project.  Visit their site by clicking their logo.

SACARE is a South Australian, family owned and administered business that provides housing and care services for people with disability. SACARE is a NDIS and DCSI approved service provider that considers disability differently. Their philosophy is that every individual should have access to services and accommodation that can help them achieve their personal goals and live a life of independence that suits them. (SACARE provided funding for our video)

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