montage of people with varying disabilities

FAQ - What is the plan?

  1. Prepare - plan, investigate, create website, make lists of organisations and people to contact - COMPLETED
  2. Announce - launch the website, invite organisations and people to take part - COMPLETED
  3. Gather - gather responses, answer questions, speak to applicants - COMPLETED
  4. Review - determine who will contribute, write, proofread and edit the book - COMPLETED
  5. Invite - invite the applicants to join the project, as well as others to take part in the 2nd book and website stories  - COMPLETED
  6. Work - team members contribute, write, read and edit - COMPLETED
  7. Publish - produce the book, e-book and audio book
  8. Sell - on website, as well as via individuals and organisations
  9. Distribute - the proceeds
  10. Review - how did we go
  11. Celebrate - party time
  12. Rewind - back to step 1 with the 2nd book

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