montage of people with varying disabilities

FAQ - The Selection Process

How does the selection process work?

Once the project is live, the project managers will ensure the applications are complete and answer any questions. They will choose the candidates that meet the selection criteria.

The successful candidates will be contacted and invited to take part.

What are the selection criteria?

  • Include all ten types of disability
  • Include a range of ages
  • Your story will
    • Inspire
    • Encourage
    • Increase understanding
    • Cover many aspects of your life
    • Share your achievements
    • Share changes that occurred
    • Entertain readers
    • Provide insights
    • Share the challenges in life
    • Support the vision of the book to "To inspire people with a disability, and to increase the knowledge and understanding of disability in the community"

Will you give preference to applicants you already know?

Absolutely not!!!  We will pick the people who meet the selection criteria.  If you already know John or Terri, you are encouraged to apply and understand we will not discriminate against those we don't know personally.

What if I apply, and don't get chosen?

There are no unsuccessful candidates, as there will be opportunities to take part in the second or subsequent book, and stories for inclusion on our website.

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