montage of people with varying disabilities

FAQ - Getting involved as an organisation

Why get involved as an organisation?

You want to give your clients and members an opportunity to get involved in this project, as it has benefits for them.  They can share in the proceeds of the project, be involved in a team, share their story, or perform any of the creative roles.  They will be proud they have contributed to a book.

The project managers will be donating their share of the proceeds, to the two organisations they believe have best supported the project.

Your organisation will get credit as a supporter of the project on our website and in the book.

How can we get involved as an organisation?

To communicate with your clients and members, and spread the news about the project, and encourage them to get involved.  If they have an intellectual disability or are very young, offer assistance to get started.  Get started by providing us details about your organisation. 

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