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FAQ - General Info

What is this website about?

To share the exciting news about a new book project and to encourage individuals and organisations to be involved.

What is the book?

A non-fiction compilation of around 250 pages, of inspiring and honest stories of those facing life with a disability.

Why the book?

After reading over 20 books about living with a disability, John considered they were not sharing how the disability affected their lives, and unless you were already famous, you had little chance of being published. The book will “Inspire people with a disability, and increase the knowledge and understanding of disability in the community”.

Why is the book named “MY disABILITIES”?

If you take the "dis" out of "disabilities", you are left with "abilities".  The book will celebrate those who have come to terms with their disability, and now they are focused on their ability.

What experience do you have in running projects?

John has extensive experience running projects in such organisations as Origin Energy and SA Police, and would have continued this work, but had an accident, which forced him out of paid employment.

What experience do you have in running a book project?

None.  John had zero experience with a disability before his accident, and now he is an expert. :-)  The team has a goal, and are motivated, and are capable, and the "how" will come to us, as we proceed towards the final product.

Why do you use the word "inspire"?

We understand that some within the disability community, especially from people born with a disability, don't like to associate the word "inspire" with their lives. They may say "People should not be an inspiration for only getting out of bed, or going to work, or other tasks". And we agree.   See Stella Young's "I am not your inspiration thank you very much" Ted Talk.  The book may cover these basic tasks, just to let readers know the "how".  We find inspiration in the attitude of people, and their personality, and achievements other than the basic ones that all humans do.

What are your privacy policies?

We value your confidential information and the privacy policy can be viewed here.

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