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FAQ - Dignity Party

Who is the Dignity Party?

Dignity Party is a political party in South Australia.  Kelly Vincent is the party's representative in the South Australian Parliament, being elected to the Legislative Council in 2010.  Kelly was elected on the platform of disability rights, and at age 21, was the youngest woman ever elected to an Australian parliament.

The party's name was changed from "Dignity for Disability" to "Dignity Party" in 2016, to better represent equality in all forms including race, gender, age and sexual orientation.

What is the relationship between this book project and the Dignity Party?

A few team members will be running as candidates in the 2018 South Australian parliamentary election.  The election date is Saturday,  March 17, 2018.

Why mention this?

Team members who are involved in the Dignity Party are not expected to work on this project until the election is over.

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