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Editor - job description

Invitation to express an interest for the provision of

Editing services for the MY disABILITIES Book Project

 Our book project will

  • Share the challenges, experiences, stories and insights of people living with disabilities and disorders
  • Encourage other people going through similar experiences
  • Increase community understanding
  • Support those sharing their stories, and the organisations that help them
  • Share the proceeds of the book with team members


We are looking for an editor to join our team of 44 people. The team are physically located in four states of Australia (South Australia, Western Australia, Victoria and Queensland) and three other countries (United Kingdom, USA and Indonesia). Our book is a compilation of over 25* chapters, with each chapter sharing the life of a person with a disability or disorder. In addition to the 25* people, we have a team of writers and proofreaders, and until a few months ago, an editor. We anticipate a release date in the first half of 2019, and invite you to visit our website for more information. (*Final chapter count in the range of 25-28, and a word count of 88,000 words)


The project began in July 2017 when I completed reading the 25th memoir about people living with a disability. I wanted to give opportunities for other people with a disability or a disorder to share their life in a compilation book.

I acquired a spinal injury and was rehabilitated in Hampstead Rehabilitation Hospital in Northgate, South Australia. After registering a domain name, building a web site, developing a plan, the search for team members commenced. Contributors were matched to writers, and the writing commenced, and an editor joined the team. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the editor left the team, and the search for a new team member commenced.

Although I have a work history of leading projects, including my time at SA Police, leading a book project is a new experience, and team members with experience in the writing and publishing industry are providing valuable advice.

The Current Status

26 stories have been written, checked for spelling and grammar, and ready for an editor. One story is being reworked and one story is yet to be written.


Many of the synopses are available to be viewed at

Sample Chapters

We will provide potential editors with a number of chapters in the book. As the chapters are to be kept confidential, we are asking for a NDA to be provided.

Project Funding

So far, the project has received no funding, however, we have, and continue to apply for grants. Therefore, we cannot guarantee funding. The project will share the proceeds from sales of the book between team members, with the editor receiving the biggest share. Although we would love to be on the best sellers list, the proceeds from the book will not make anyone in the team rich.


Once our editor completes their work, we plan on using a literary agent to find a publisher, as we believe the book will be attractive and will sell. Our fall back position is to self-publish.

Role of Editor

It involves

  • Structural edit (also know as substantive or developmental editing) – Evaluate the whole manuscript for structure and organisation. Remove sentences or add information in conjunction with the writer and contributor. Rewrite, expand or condense paragraphs. Move sections of text from one paragraph to another.
  • Copy edit – Stories have already undergone a basic spelling and grammar check, however you are welcome to improve it

The primary role is to prepare our manuscript for a literary agent to provide to publisher(s). We need the editor to refine, polish and enhance the work done so far.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, We need each story to remain authentic, and for the contributor and/or author to be satisfied with the editing, while at the same time the reading experience is great.

If required for particular chapters, the editor will work with the writer to develop the story, increase clarity, and improve the flow, improve the structure and style, and check the punctuation.

Remuneration for editing

The editor will receive a share of the proceeds of book sales – see heading ‘Project Funding’. Sales cannot be predicted; neither can we predict whether a publisher will be interested in our book. However, all team members believe in the goals of the book, and are not expecting to get rich from their participation in the book. Many members of the team are using the book as a stepping-stone in their career in the writing industry. Around five people with a disability are planning on expanding their chapter into a book, as they have a great story to tell.

As the role of editor is vital, and time consuming, the project doesn’t expect the editor to only receive their share of book sales. Therefore we invite you to provide your best quote for editing services. Just in case we get funding.

Alternatively, you may use the project as a stepping-stone in your editing career, or may strongly believe in the goals of the project, and quote accordingly.

More about the team

Each contributor has a chapter in the book, and they either have a disability or a disorder. Those contributors that had sufficient writing skills have written their own stories, and writers have written other chapters. The synopses give an indication of ‘who does what’ and the disability or disorder. The editor will need to communicate with the writers, and some writers may have a disability or disorder, which may affect the communication method. The stats show we have the following disabilities/disorders

  • Intellectual 3
  • Physical 13
  • Neurological 9
  • Deafblind 4
  • Vision Impaired 1
  • Hearing impaired 3
  • Speech impaired 3
  • Others 4

If a writer has written for a contributor, then the editor will only need to communicate with the writer, as the writer communicates with the contributor.

How to proceed

The steps are found on

I look forward to receiving your response.

Yours sincerely,

 John Duthie (Project Manager)