montage of people with varying disabilities
jane gersch

"Never give up"

by Jane Gersch


I was here in Kadina SA and doing a Stratco BBQ for charity one Saturday morning. A customer suggested I contact Terri as they were creating a book showing how disability doesn’t have to rule your life. He felt that with what he knows about me -  I am involved in activities such as Dragon Boat Paddling and Families4Families Support for Acquired Brain Injury in SA - that I might provide others with a new found desire ‘Not to Give Up’, which I certainly try, despite my constant struggles.

Some believe that others need to know that they must keep on trying despite all the nos they get. A”NO” provides fuel for the fire and makes some try even harder to achieve what t they want. Many will keep trying to help them as they persevere. Some are willing to fight until they find a way, despite what others think.

This story will provide the reader with some examples of the constant obstacles faced daily when living rurally. Just getting to a function might mean two hours of travel first, which is very tiring. It’s not unusual to find the car pulled up in the suburbs so I can have a rest lying across the back seat before attending a function.

People who read this book need to realise how much harder it is for people living in the country to access the services that are taken for granted in the city. I have had to travel to Melbourne many times to get a service available in Adelaide but which I was not able to access because we lived outside the required zone. Sounds stupid but that’s how it is.

The challenge has been trying to fit the time the book demands into  my otherwise busy life. However, by making this book one of my priorities, I have been able to make the necessary allowances to make this happen.

A disability is a hindrance to our lives. Every minute of the day, we are reminded of what has been lost and not being like others. However, we cannot let our disability define our lives altogether.

I was brought up on a farm, schooled in the country, studied and became a Registered Nurse/Midwife in the city. I married a farmer, and my two daughters started their lives on a farm.  Country life has been my life and still is.

Never Give Up!

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