montage of people with varying disabilities

There are many ways to get involved in this exciting book project.  Our closing date for applications was November 5, 2017.

  • Contribute the story - Your story will be interesting to the book readers, as well as allowing them to get an insight to your life with a disability.  You may have experienced many up and downs in life, and you have gone from surviving to thriving, and your story will be inspirational to the readers.  If your disability prevents you from sharing the story, we encourage people close to you, to contribute the story.  Only contributors that were in contact with us before November 5, 2017, are eligible to apply. No new applications.
  • Write the stories - Your writing style is easily read and interesting to the reader.  You are willing to interview the individual with a disability who is contributing their life story, and you have the skills to get the story out of them.  You have a history of published works or are working towards this with the appropriate training.  Still looking for writers.
  • Proofread the book - We now have sufficient numbers of proofreaders.
  • Illustrate the book - Your illustrations are eye catching, and tell the story.  Still accepting applications for illustrators.
  • Edit the book -  You have a history of using your editing skills to produce work, which have been published.  Still accepting applications for an editor.

  • Spread the news - tell your friends and associates about the book project.  Click here for info.
  • Sell the bookAs we are self-publishing, we handle the sales of the book.  Individuals and organisations are welcome to sell the book and share in the proceeds of the book.

As the book is about living with a disability, only those who have a disability, are eligible to contribute their story.  The remaining roles are open to anyone.

We encourage individuals of all experience levels to apply for the creative roles , as the project may be a stepping stone in your career.  

Please proceed to the application form (below).  If you have any questions, please read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), and contact us