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John was either going to play Aussie Rules football for Port Adelaide or become a computer programmer. He retired from football at age 15 because there was no future in playing, and graduated from University in 1985 with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Computer Studies. He has worked in a variety of roles including programmer, team leader and project manager, and used to work for organisations such as Department of Defence, SA Police, Correctional Services, ETSA and Origin Energy.

john with his children

John married in 1991, but no one told him where children come from, and he didn't become a father until 1998 when Jasmine was born. Having finally worked it out, Ben popped out in 1999. Various cats have lived with John, pretending to like him as long as they didn't go hungry. In a freak accident in 2009 at Cedar College, a tree fell on him, fracturing his spine at the T4 level rendering him a paraplegic.  

john during the 2004 AFL grand final

After having died a few times, and deciding it wasn't for him, he spent the next 14 months in hospital, and chronic pain commenced in 2010.  John's wife left her family in 2012, and he then struggled with his mental health and spent time with mental health specialists.  John thrived on being a single parent, and the next twist and turn occurred in his life.  He fell in love with Madie, who was the ex-wife of the partner of his ex-wife.  It was a unique situation.

John under water with immersion therapy

John enjoys watching his Port Adelaide Football Club compete in the AFL (Australian Football League and SANFL (South Australian National Football League), swimming, scuba diving, movies, computer games, science fiction, eating out, exercise, writing, reading, learning and God. His local church is Rise Church in Northgate SA. All things are possible with God.

Apart from this book project, he is also writing his autobiography, as well as two other books.

John and his father having a happy time together
John's 50th Birthday party and cutting off the cake
John holding a Koala with Madie in Brisbane

Terri Mak can be emailed at, or fill out the form below.

Terri jumping in the air before the accident

Terri Mak considers her life was ordinary before her dramatic moment arrived in 2013. She sees herself as a "legless" BIRD since she was a child. She likes to think that she has a pair of invisible wings which allow her to escape from her uncomfortable environment or to reach another level. NOTHING can box her in. And it continues until ....

Discover Your Sky      Embrace Every Challenge

She is a DRAGONFLY and an explorer. Terri loves to learn new or different things, which are challenging, from Scuba Diving, Dancing, Windsurfing to Paragliding; from Binary, Event Management to Cognitive Science. But time and energy are limited.

She is a BUTTERFLY and welcomes beautiful things and culture differences in life such as Food, Artworks, Music, Dancing, Travelling, etc...

She is a BEE, a busy bee, a busy QUEEN BEE.

Terri met John at Hampstead Rehabilitation Center, Clearview Bowling Club and Rise Church after they both experienced spinal injuries.  Terri's spinal damage resulted from a Motor Vehicle Accident in the Northern Territory in early 2013, while travelling by herself in Australia, during a career break since mid-2012.  John invited Terri to take part in this book project in early 2017.  She believes there is power in words and the testimonies of the lives of people.  She is interested in fundraising to help other people after becoming tetraplegic (also called quadriplegic).

The LORD DID, IS DOING and WILL DO good things among US.

Terri believes this project will encourage people and help people gain faith and confidence in overcoming the challenges in their life. And this project will also raise funds to support individuals and organisations. She hopes people will understand more about disability, particularly for those accompanying, assisting or helping people with disABILITY.

Apart from this project, she has launched a blog site to share about her "SECOND LIFE". She uses it to share her thoughts and insights after the accident and how she manages her disability. Check out her website The goal is to help providing insights about the real challenges that people with Spinal Cord Injury face.

Terri looking happy with stars around her head

She is also gathering ideas for another topic on "How to deal with Trouble Makers?"

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